What We Do & Offer

SUMITH PETROCONSIJLTS ENGINEERING Pvt Ltd is a Professional Engineering Company of specialized experience in PLANT DESIGN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, from Concept to Commisioning. We offer Design, Engineering and consultancy Services for small and mid size capital and maintenance projects for Process plants.


PFD and P&ID, Equipment datasheets, Process Equipment Design, Pipe Line sizing, Thermal design of S&T Exchangers.


Plot plan Routing&Iso Dwgs, Piping Mech Design, Pipe Stess Analysis, Spec sheets for valves & Fittings, Bulk Mat Takeoff, Erection & Comm, Tankfarm Piping.


Static equipment design, Reactors, Columns, Process vessels, Exchangers, Agitators, Equipment data sheets, Equipment Costing, Vendor sourcing, TPIA coordination, Reverse Engineering.


Inst&Control System Design, I / O Schedule, Spec data sheets for CV, Flow-press-temp elements, DCS PLC, Cables, Safety Interlock system, Loop& Hookup Drawings, Inst Layout and cable routing Drawings, Operating manuals.


Detailing plant battery, Limit equipments, Single Line diagram, Interlock Schematics, BOM & cable list.


Design&Detailing of Steel, Support Strucrures, Pipe Racks, Pipe bridges, Foundation Arrgt, Painting Specifications, Bulk material takeoff, Detailing using Autocad "Advanced Steel" software.


Design and detailing of fixed and Floating roof Tanks, Tank Terminal piping, Tank Instrumentation & control System, Suction Heaters and Inline Heaters, Truck loading System, Inert blanketing System


Erection, hookup, loop testing, Calibration, PreComm Checks, Commissioning & Fine Tuning Inst & Control System, Erection Co-ordination of Mechnical Equipments.


For EPC companies and Operating Plants we offer, as Process Plant Specialists, in developing Process Unit System integrating Mechanical, Inst& Control, Piping, Electrical and Structural Components including Op & safety features. Such System developed remains the property of the our Client.(typical proj such as Dump Condenser System for Turbines, OH Condenser System for Process Columns)

Retrofitting, Revampimg and Technical Upgradation of operating plants With our vast experience in these areas we offer our expertise to conceive and execute such projects. Related Asset Integrity checks will be provided.